30 01 2010

So it is official. I know have my website up. Be sure to check it out, and spread the word. Thanks!



new blog!

16 01 2010

My new site is coming soon, so I am moving this blog over to another one:

here is a screen shot of the latest blog up over on the new blog


10 01 2010

Here is a preview of what happened at the reception. Some people brought it! Some people rocked it! And other people just made it happen!

For wedding guest who want to purchase or view all of the photos email me. Thanks! : )

Bride preview: Ashley

10 01 2010

more to come from the wedding soon…

new site coming soon

8 01 2010

A new site coming soon…

Here is a concept which may become final or not:


8 01 2010

I met up with Heather over some coffee. I am not a big fan of coffee non the less I find coffee houses a nice spot to meet up. Today as we took pictures, Heather could not stop laughing at me. I was like entertainment for her I guess by my funky picture taking stances, my inability to not stop in dog poop, and apparently I just look funny. No, but it was a lot of fun. Well before I ramble on here is Heather and all her awesomeness:


7 01 2010

Becky;Dave;Dustin;sweet music;and photographs. I mean what more could you ask for.

favorite part of the day was finding all this cool stuff behind a building.